Our Facility

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment from HitTrax, Pro Batter and Rawlings

Featuring the latest American technology, you can bat against a video pitcher or hit in a Major League Baseball stadium with our batting simulator. We also offer the use of pitching mounds, pitching screens and training aids and have the capability to open up three cages into one open area for flexible training options.


REGULAR LANES: 30 mins $30 or 60 mins $45
Pro Batter $5 for a token; $20 for 5 tokens or $40 for 30 mins or $60 for 60 mins
HitTrax: Regular lane rates plus $10 30 mins or $15 for 60 mins
25% off Monday through Friday if your session ends by 5pm - discount doesn't apply to tokens

TEAM CAGE RENTAL - includes use of 3 lanes with 2 pitching machines and a pitching/TBall lane ~ up to 18 players
60 mins $120
120 mins $200

MULTIPLE USE PACKAGE DEALS (for use in regular lanes):
5 x 30 mins $125 - Spring Training Package
10 x 30 mins $200 - Big League Package
5 x 60 mins $185 - Allstar Package
10 x 60 mins $350 - MVP Package

Full Facility Rates - by Negotiation.

Rawlings 2 & 3-Wheel Pitching Machines
Top-of-the-line pitching machines used and endorsed by many Major League Baseball teams. Each machine can throw a wide range of pitches at speeds from 40 to 90+ mph. Each machine has an automatic feeders that holds up to 36 baseballs/cricket balls or 28 softballs

HitTrax Batting Simulator and Analysis

The latest, greatest technology available for baseball and softball players. HitTrax uses cameras and sensors to track the ball flight and project in on a virtual baseball or softball field. You can actually watch your ball track in a Major League Baseball stadium or an authentic softball field. HitTrax also provides a wide range of hitting reports and analytics that can be used to evaluate your swing and track improvements.

Pro Batter Video Pitching Simulator

Bat against a virtual baseball pitcher. Pro Batter uses an Iron Mike pitching machine that is synched to a video of a baseball pitcher projected on a video screen. It's a fun, unique batting experience that also offers a great training opportunity to hone your timing skills.